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see In this section we’ll discuss about wordpress seo and specifically we’ll demonstrate you about the complete Yoast SEO plugin tutorial.

List of Topics:

Installation of Yoast Plugin

Go to  WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > add New > write ‘yoast’ in search bar > then install and activate the following plugin.

Basic Configuration of Yoast SEO

first time we need to do SEO configuration. Let’s get started to do this by clicking on Configuration wizard. Now follow the all steps to complete the basic SEO configuration in Yoast.


Site type

Company or person

Social profiles

Post type visibility

Multiple authors

Google Search Console

connect with Google Search Console . Go to notifications and click on connect with Google Search Console here.

Now Click on ‘get google authorization code’ then you will see a pop up where you need to verify with gmail id. After verification you will get a code . now Enter your Google Authorization Code and press the Authenticate button.

Title settings



Now I’ve done successfully basic configuration of Yoast plugin.


Verifying Web Master Tools with Google Search Console

How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console

Go to Google Search Console  > Then type your site in address bar ‘http://techadvices.org’ > Click on ‘Add property’>

Now Select HTML Tag to find out the code .

Click on the ‘Webmaster Tools’ from Yoast Dashboard. Now past the google console code here . after pasting this code then click on  save changes button.

Switch back to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and click ‘Verify’.

when it’s done successfully then you will see the following image like this.

Writing our Homepage Snippet – Yoast

More details:

Go to SEO dashboard > Select Feature option > Advanced setting pages >enabled

When you have enabled the advanced setting pages then you will see the many option in SEO Tab

Then Click on ‘Titles and Metas’ > Homepage > editing the front page itself » > Then Finally clicked on Save Changes

Now scroll down you page when you see the following snippet

Adding Dates to Our Snippet Previews – Yoast SEO Tutorials

To show the updated dates when you update any post or pages . it’s badly needed to do that. First go SEO >Titles & Metas – Yoast SEO > Post type >Date in Snippet Preview > enable this option.

To do perfectly this option you have to install one additional Plugin Post Updated Date

When you install and activated this above plugin then you will see the following marked image if you update any post or pages in your website.

Indexing  your website or blog with Yoast SEO

An index is a list of data, such as group of files or database entries. … Search engines also use indexes to store a large list of Web pages. These indexes, such as those created by Google and Yahoo! – Source ( Google)

To make sure indexing website by using yoast SEO plugin you have to follow the information what are given below one by one .

Post Type setting

Go To SEO  > Titles and metas > Post Types > Enable Index button ‘ of Meta Robots of  Posts (post) , Meta Robots of  Posts (pages) , Meta Robots of  Media (attachment)

Taxonomies Setting

Select the Taxonomies button  and follow the instructions

Archives Setting – title and meta tags


Other setting – title and meta tags

Creating & Submitting a Sitemap By Yoast SEO wp Plugin

A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Google bot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.  learn more

First of all if you want to submit your sitemap by using yoast plugin ,you just follow my easy steps.

  • Make sure that XML sitemap functionality – Enabled
  • Go To SEO  Plugin  > Xml sitemaps > General  > Click on the link of XML sitemap
  • You can find the link on XML Sitemap  or your site url/sitemap_index.xml

Now add the sitemap to google  : follow the steps

How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console

  • Go to Google Console 
  • Click Add Property  >  write your website name like this http://techadvices.org  > Add

Now Go to alternative methods to copy the code as i mentioned on the following picture.

After copied the code then go to SEO > Dashboard > WebMaster tool >then past the code in  Google Search Console > save changes

paste code google search console option in yost plugin

Then finally you will see the congratulation message when it’s done successfully

  • Copy the name of xml sitemap  “sitemap_index.xml” and past into google sitemap to add sitemap button
  • Now go to Google search Console website > Crawl > sitemaps > Click on Top right corner at ADD/ TEST SITEMAP >
  • Before clicking on submit button , you have to test first to find out the errors . when you don’t see any errors then click on Submit button finally
  • XML Sitemaps – Yoast SEO -Post typs setting

  • XML Sitemaps – Taxonomies setting

The Yoast SEO Plugin : Enabling Social Media

Let’s Check how to setup social accounts in Yoast SEO plugin

enabling social media accounts on yoast seo plugin

Facebook settings

To enable social media setting , at first you have to make sure enabled meta data. To do that go to SEO > Social > Facebook >Facebook settings > enabled >Default settings > Upload image

You can use automatically one picture there which image is used if the post/page being shared does not contain any images.

Facebook Insights and Admins in yoast seo plugin -Gaining Access to Facebook Domain Insights

To do this just follow the instructions : ‘Dashboard’ > SEO > Social > Add Facebook Admin>write the facebook name on name of the Admin > find out facebook user numeric id and past on the 2nd field >Add Facebook Admin > Save Changes

How to find Out facebook id ?

First go this website 

example of numeric fb id

add facebook admin to yoast seo plugin

Check the username when you have added successfully then you will see like this one  and finally click on Save Changes.

Social  Twitter setting –  The Yoast SEO plugin

Pinterest settings Social – Yoast SEO

To confirm your site with Pinterest, add the meta tag here:

Step 1: Get the meta tag :

Top of Pinterest > gear menu >Account settings>Website >Confirm website > Save setting

Step 2: Add it to your website

Add it to the <head> section of the index.html file of your website before the <body> section

Step 3: Finish setting up

Go back to Pinterest and click Finish (we’ll automatically check the meta tag and confirm your site)

Google+ settings Social – Yoast SEO


Editing the Permalinks – The Yoast SEO plugin

At first , let’s go to SEO > Advanced > Permalinks >Clean up permalinks > stop words in slugs (keep) > save changes

Most of SEO expert don’t care about clean up permalink to be set up as keep but i care to turn on keep this to get better SEO result.

Breadcrumbs settings


Using the Bulk Editor, File editor & Import and Export – Tools – Yoast SEO

Bulk editor
This tool allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each page.

File editor
This tool allows you to quickly change important files for your SEO, like your robots.txt and, if you have one, your .htaccess file.

Don’t try to use file editor if you don’t know about .htaccess file because it may get negative results without having proper knowledge on this field.

Import and Export
Import settings from other SEO plugins and export your settings for re-use on (another) blog. If you have any good SEO setting or Ready made setting in other blog or website , You can import here by exporting that setting easily by this tool. You can also get facilty to import from other’s plugin setting like : HeadSpace2, All-in-One SEO , Jetpack SEO , WooThemes SEO framework , wpSEO etc.

Fixing Crawl Errors with Yoast SEO

In this we can fix the broken links of website. It’s very important to rank website on google search engine or others.  if you want to do that by Yoast SEO plugin you have to be premier member but in here i will give you the details of some plugins where you can fix that totally free. okay let’s get started…

Go To WordPress Dashboard > SEO > Search Console > setting   > Get google authorization code > Varify with your gmail account

After sign in with your gmail account then you will see the following code and Enter your Google Authorization Code and press the Authenticate button.

Now you will see the options when you go to ”Search console ”

Now when you click on Desktop  or  smartphone or feature phone then you will see like this some broken links when yo you see 404 . it means that page actually are broken link.

You can fix the broken links if you are premium user of Yoast Seo plugin . When you click on Create redirects then you will the following popup.

Alternative of Yoast SEO Premium Plugin on How to fix broken links totally free

To fix the broken links you can use 2 plugins what you like

Quick Page

Go to WP Dashboard > Add new > write “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin” Install > Activate

or Broken Link checker

Will Published a article on How to use Quick page or Broken link Checker  plugin to fix broken links

Yoast Extras

Your info : yoast plugin features

yoast SEO security


Optimizing Content for SEO with Yoast

Make sure that you have added like this title , focus keyword and meta descriptions and others to make green signal for better SEO results.

Improving Content Readability with Yoast

If you have any problems in articles then you will see the problems when you can click on the eye button.

Check highlight on text

Keyword Analysis with Yoast SEO

Keyword analysing is the vital role to get ranked on google search engine and others search engines. To know moe you can check the following links.

  1.  Keyword Planner
  2.  Google Trends
  3.  SEO book

Introduction to Conerstone Articles

Cornerstone content pieces are those articles on your website you’re most proud of. They reflect your business, communicate your mission and are extremely well written. These are the articles you would like to rank high in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are usually explainers; these articles combine insights from different blog posts.  [Source]


I’ve tried to discussed everything in this section . if i make any wrongs in my articles or videos please let me know. And also i expect from you  some lessons on Yoast SEO .

Bonus Lecture: how to use 20 of the best WordPress plugins for free.


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