Logistics officer test -HI and PUI

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)
What is an NGO? NGO stands for Non-Govt. An organization that serves as the humanitarian representatives for the persons who needed their assistance.
What are the different departments of an NGO? Admin, Finance, HR, Supply, Programme, Protection, Field, Information Management, IT, Wash, Health, Food, Nutrition
What is the purpose of a meeting? The purpose of the meeting is given:1. Co-ordinating activities,2.monitoring activities,3. Organizing etc and the meeting is important to take a decision, discuss issues, solving issues and to stay in touch with colleagues
How does an NGO get funds? you get funds by submitting a proposal (narrative and budget). a private donor is individuals, institutional donors are company, banks, group of people… UN is not putting cash, only in kind
What are the different activities of PUI? Help people with concerns (civilians), Healthcare, WASH, Livelihood, capacity building of the person of concerns.
What is the purpose of a logistic department? basically, the purpose of a logistics department is to support the field operation as well as in-house departments also by different means. To keep the flowing of supply through purchase and procurement, giving assistance in transporting goods and information and persons for the operational fields are the purpose to have the logistics department. Prepared Purchase Requisition, market survey, direct purchase or spot quotation/ RFQ received, bid open, CS Prepared, PO Issue, Goods received, challan & bill received from the supplier and submit to finance for payment.
What are the different activities of logistics? The steps of procurement is1. Need recognition 2.specific need 3.source option,4.price and terms, 5.purchase order ,6.delivary, 7.receipt etc.
Logistics management activities typically include inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, supply/demand planning, and management of third-party logistics services providers.
Different activities of logistics include- domestic and global logistics, procurement, after-sales logistics, inventory management, fleet management, storage and materials handling, information processing, demand forecast and production planning, facilities management etc.
Describe the different steps of procurement: Different steps of procurement- identify the specific needs, understand scope of procurement and source options and determine what method of procurement should be used, market survey to understand price and terms, evaluation of bids and conclude the tender process, issue the purchase order or contract and ensure work/product delivery, inspection of goods/services delivered, invoice approval and finally record keeping
What is a quotation (or pro forma)? The brief description of products with price and others tram and condition
The purchase order is the agreement of both party for supplying goods
the quotation is an offer from a shop with prices
What is a purchase order? And purchase order is a confirmation of purchase official documents. Where can be clearly mentioned product description, price and supplier information with authorization approval?
the purchase order is prepared by the companies, not by us.
A purchase order is a commercial binding document issued by the buyer to the seller indicating the detailed specification
How do you bargain with a supplier to have a lower price? bargaining with a supplier to get the lower price and good quality is not a constant process. However, I will tell the supplier if others are offering a lower price and also can tell him the quantity and the supply process will give him longer business.
I check the quotations, I will show all the quotes to the suppliers
What is the good practice es of stock management? Received items as per contract, issued received challan, Entry stock register, items stored as per planned list.
to have an updated inventory, monitoring IN and OUT, collecting and archiving the papers for IN and OUT, prepare the monthly report of IN and OUT and inventory
Maintaining timely stock registering and keeping the stock level according to demand and supply. A periodical review of stock to determine future needs is also a good practice
How should be organized a warehouse with food items and construction materials? it is better to organize different types of goods in the different area of a warehouse. Food items must be kept at a controlled temperature using AC. And dividing a wall or something construction materials should be kept on the other side.
food items alone and at cold, building material near the exits…
Ensuring separation of two types of items so the quality is not compromised. Also, for food items, making sure necessary preservation setup is in place (e.g. temperature, ambiance, ventilation etc).
A supplier delivers items to your warehouse but some items are missing. What do you do? will make sure while receiving the items in the first place. But still,l if it is missing, then I will inform the supervisor right away. Also will contact the departments those items were supposed to use if somehow I missed the information while items were taken in the operational field.
I don t sign the Good receive note, I inform the supplier
I will not sign the delivery note first, I will inform my supervisor, I will review the purchase order and the delivery time. In case there is a contract I will remind the supplier about the delivery time and I will eventually apply the penalties.
What is the purpose of a physical inventory? it is important to count the items to be sure about their condition and to be sure that my files are matching with the reality
it is important to know the status of the goods (broken, damaged)
To count items and find similarities with the stock register. And also see the quality as well.
What are the maintenance services to do for a generator? To servicing the generator we need to check the distilled water, mobile, and all the filter in periodic time and also maintain the running time of the generator. It is better to do the servicing the generator in right time for that reason we need to maintain log book.
timely removal of worn out parts and upgrading parts if needed, checking fluid levels, battery inspection and cleaning of connection, load bank testing, changing fuels and filters.
A vehicle consumed 588 Liters of diesel last month. The logbook mentions 75 200 km at the beginning of the month and 79 400 km at the end of the month. What is fuel consumption of that vehicle for 100 km? 14 liter.
What are the good practices when working with a laptop? A power cycle of the battery, using of flat area and using a cooling pad, not to have liquids near the laptop, install an anti-virus and firewall system, Never leave it unattended without password lock, Also regularly taking backup
Keep in charge and always use the update antivirus.
no liquid near the laptop put a laptop on a hard surface
What are the security rules for transport of person by car? be sure to have first aid kit, extra tire, toolbox, and jack, have the regular meeting with drivers
Before the journey, checking tires, fluid levels, gear controls, battery etc. Also before the journey starts the passenger must put a seatbelt on. While driving, maintaining the safe distance from other cars. Making sure the vehicle is well equipped with first aid box, fire extinguisher
What is a waybill? When we received any good from other parties they provide us the list of quantity and description of the goods this call waybill.
it is a document used for goods specifying quantities, the total amount of money, route of the goods, delivery time.
a document putting together transporter, sender, receiver, and type of goods
How do you organize when you have multiple tasks to do every day? There is no alternative than to prioritize the work in terms of Important/Urgent/Less important. I will take on Important and urgent as my first priority and then urgent and then less important which can be carried over to next day if needed. If I work with the team the, work could be assigned to them to faster the process. On occasion, this might be needed to negotiate time with the supervisor(s) if needed.
focus on programme needs and adapt our schedule
I prepare a daily task list according to priority and expected deadline. Also, I regularly follow up on incomplete tasks and maintain communication or follow-up with people who are crucial to complete these tasks.
What do you do if you do not have time to finish all your tasks? I will notify my supervisor the moment I realize that I won’t fulfill my task so that he can either give me some extra time or ask someone else to help me.
inform my supervisor, agree on a new timeline. I have to prioritize and focus on emergencies first and I will put aside my daily tasks.
Working logistics and administration requires flexibility in time. So, extended work is a normal life of logistician when in need. Several options are open a) put extra a time to complete if those are important and urgent b) Assign staff to work on c) Negotiate time with the requester if feasible.
inform the supervisor and prioritize again the tasks.

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