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Logistics Officer

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The Logistics Officer will implement and supervise all logistics operations at his/her assigned base.

He/she will assist the logistics coordinator in the implementation of safety rules.


Supply Management

·        Carry out a purchasing environment analysis at the local level

·        Supervise the update of price lists and supplier files

·        Manage the PUI purchasing procedures and those from donors funding the programs.

·        Establish and update purchasing timelines, taking into consideration procurement tables, operation timelines and contextual and procedural logistical constraints

·        Receive, approve and process requests for quotes and purchase requests

·        Ensure that budgetary lines related to logistics are monitored and observed

·        Supervise the preparation of purchasing documents and draft the contracts

·        Participate in the drafting the call for tenders

·        Supervise purchasing, ensuring that approval rules and procedures are observed

·        Select suppliers and negotiate prices, deadlines and delivery methods

·        Ensure that purchasing documents are complete and archived in keeping with PUI procedures


Vehicle Fleet Management

·        Negotiate vehicle rental contracts

·        Supervise the planning and execution of maintenance and repair work on mission vehicles

·        Establish vehicle movement schedules

·        Ensure that a complete breakdown kit is available on board all vehicles

·        Permanently ensure that all drivers have received general training and carry out regular testing

·        Ensure that drivers are aware of their obligation to adhere to PUI safety rules and procedures

·        Check that vehicle log books are in place and are used correctly

·        Ensure that fuel consumption and vehicle mileage are monitored, consolidated, analyzed and recorded

·        Prevent the misappropriation of fuel and spare parts

·        Ensure that all vehicles have accompanying administrative documents and that these are correctly filed and monitored


Equipment/Telecommunications Management

·        Ensure that all assets affected are properly identified and registered in compliance with PUI procedures and donor guidelines

·        Update inventory in real time

·        Optimize distribution of materials according to task needs

·        Organize the installation, safe-guarding and monitoring of materials

·        Install communication means and ensure that they are regularly maintained

·        Train teams in the use of these communication means


Management and Monitoring of IT Equipment

·        Implement backup and data-protection procedures

·        Ensure the maintenance and correct use of IT equipment

·        Provide technical assistance to teams and organize training sessions


Supplies Management

·        Select storage locations and create a plan for the development and security of these sites

·        Ensure material is stored under suitable conditions and monitor expiration dates

·        Ensure procedures are followed as stock is checked in and out

·        See that all documentation linked to stock is complete and correct

·        Supervise monthly physical stock inventory


Human Resource Management

  • Analyse and quantify logistics personnel needs
  • Participate in the recruitment process of, train and supervise the logistics team
  • Conduct performance reviews for members of the logistics team
  • Organize formal team meetings at regular intervals



  • Implement team safety measures as determined by the coordination team
  • Train teams in safety rules and procedures
  • Pass on any security-related information to his/her line manager



  • Ensure the compilation of price and supplier lists, as well as information in use (import-export, exemption, taxes)
  • Ensure that Purchase Files are monitored and that the status of each order is given to the person waiting
  • Consolidate logistics packs monthly and pass on to the logistics coordinator
  • Provide the logistics coordinator with all information needed to draft intermediary and final reports
  • Pass on purchasing reports for closed programs to the coordinators at the established frequency



ORG CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)

Ø  Line manager:  Emergency Coordinator

Ø  Technical supervisor:  Logistics Coordinator


Ø  Management: 1 staff (Field Logistician)

Ø  Language skills: Fluent in English, and Bangla

Ø  Computer Skills:  Proficient user of MS office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

Ø  Education degree: Logistics degree recommended

Ø  Work experience:

Significant experience in logistics activities is required

Previous experience in an NGO is required

Previous experience in team management is a strong asset

Ø  Other requirements

–        Commitment to the NGO values and principles

–        Excellent knowledge Cox’s Bazar District, willing to travel locally

–        Teamwork and team management

–        Stress Management and flexibility

–        Diplomacy and problem solving

–        Rigor and organisation

–        Honesty


All-inclusive between: 66900 – 76900 BDT




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