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In here I will show you practically some proven tips and how to do implement to increase subscribers on youtube. All Tips are effective and proven what you can follow.

  1.  Turn your watermark into your subscriber Button on your Video Most of the youtube make a watermark on videos what is not clickable at all but to turn your views into subscriber you can add watermark what is clickable to subscribe your channel.  
  2. The Top Formula: Setup attractive trailer video on youtube home page. It would be 5 – 10 seconds ( How to focus by channel trailer on youtube to get more subscribers )  #Target Audience # Origin Story #pitch to subscribe ( don’t ask to subscribe directly but you can say technically end of the trailer “so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the actionable Update WordPress, SEO, and Computer Techniques ) 
  3. No  comment left behind : 
  4.  The winner takes all the techniques : 
  5. Strong channel positioning and branding:  Higher Ranking, more traffics. Plaster your keyword in your channel page whatever you have a discussion on Video. 
  6. Use a “Next Video/watch next/check out this video ” in your end screen: use end screen for  5-10 seconds.

How to compress your photos with Irfanview | Reduce 95% image size without losing quality

How to compress your photos with Irfanview

  1. First download software from here.
  2. Then install plugins of irfanview from here :

If you are user of windows 64 version then you can download the plugins from here:

  1. How to compress a single photo

First open irfanview > File > open > select your image

Go again File > Save for web ( you need to confirm that before using this system at first you have to install the plugin

Then follow the instruction for better compression or decreasing your size of photo without losing picture quality.

How to compress multiple photos at once

  1. First of all, open IrfanView. And go to File > Batch Conversion/rename or simply press B after starting the software.
  2. Then select your output Folder > Start

You can delete your original file when compression folder is completed.