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How to compress your photos with Irfanview | Reduce 95% image size without losing quality

How to compress your photos with Irfanview

  1. First download software from here.
  2. Then install plugins of irfanview from here :

If you are user of windows 64 version then you can download the plugins from here:

  1. How to compress a single photo

First open irfanview > File > open > select your image

Go again File > Save for web ( you need to confirm that before using this system at first you have to install the plugin

Then follow the instruction for better compression or decreasing your size of photo without losing picture quality.

How to compress multiple photos at once

  1. First of all, open IrfanView. And go to File > Batch Conversion/rename or simply press B after starting the software.
  2. Then select your output Folder > Start

You can delete your original file when compression folder is completed.

How to use WPtouch for WordPress Mobile Solutions 2019

Using the Free Edition of WPtouch

If you want to Make your WordPress website mobile-friendly with just a few clicks then you can use wptouch wp plugin.

  • Install and activate WPtouch WordPress Mobile Solutions.

First Go to wp dashboard > plugins > add new > search Bar “ wptouch” > install and activate.



  • Configure core settings and compatibility options WordPress Mobile Solutions

Go to wptouch > setting > general setting >

Let’s customize your General Setting.

MOBILE SITE TITLE: Tech advice (you can write your title name for the mobile site)

Display: You can turn off/on

Landing Page: You can set up your another website URL if you want to redirect to the site.

DESKTOP / MOBILE SWITCHING: to enable or disable view

PAGE ZOOM: Allow mobile browser zooming

SMART APP BANNER: if you are a pro user then you can use this feature for the mobile app.

Language: You can choose your website language as I selected English.

WpTouch: Site Compatibility

For the free version, this feature is not available but if you are Pro user then you can…

Shortcodes: Process desktop theme shortcodes

Caching: Stop sending “no-cache” request headers for a mobile site.

Video handling: Use FitVids to automatically scale videos

WPtouch: Devices

Customize the menu WordPress Mobile Solutions

Menu Option:

Menu Icon Sets:

Custom Menu Icons:

If you want to generate Menu icon you can use this website:

Within a few seconds, you can generate an optimized menu icon like this from that site.

Change Menu Icon and Upload your custom icon

Go to wptouch > menus setting > Custom icon

If you don’t upload any icon from others but want to use a readymade icon from easily then you can follow the instructions:

Go TO wptouch > menu icon setting > MENU ICON SETS > install “small icon” plugin :

Menu Setup and icon setup

Go to Wp Touch > setting > menu setting > menu setup > Go to menu setting

Go to Menu Item > Menu Name > click on Change icon > save

Mobile Menu Icon Design:

Set theme options and review Web-App Mode and ads WordPress Mobile Solutions

This feature is available at Wp Touch Pro Version.


Go to WpTouch > Setting > customize theme > Go to the customizer if you want to customize your theme.

As you want you can customize the theme options

To know more Additional features with WPtouch Pro WordPress Mobile Solutions. You can visit

Continue to Improve the Mobile Experience

Compress your images WordPress Mobile Solutions:

For the online compressor, you can use this one:

Wp Plugin: Optimus Image optimizer

Link: www.wordpress.ogr/plugins/options

Plugin name Wp Smush:

Link: http//

Plugin Name: compress jpeg and png images


Plugin Name: compress jpeg and png images


Mobile plugins vs responsive design

What is better for your site between mobile plugins and responsive design?

Let’s know some pros and cons about them.

Pros of Mobile plugins:

  • Easy to implement
  • Quick to implement
  • No or low-cost implement

Pros: responsive design

  • Cohesive user experience
  • Works across all devices
  • Latest in web technology

Eventually, I will recommend you for a responsive theme if you are advanced users. Otherwise, if you have a low budget or want to do anything within a short time then you can use plugins.

To know a more responsive layout design you can check here. > select feature filter > search with “responsive” then you will find lots of themes.