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Explorer for ArcGIS (Beta) | GIS tool for Landslide & Flood Affected Rohingya areas | UNHCR Map Tool

GIS tool for landslide and flood prone areas

(Explorer for ArcGIS Esri)

Explorer beta apk file download


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Latest blocks shapefiles


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MB Tiles : you can download the MB Tiles of your area only (this will save memory in your device)


Further info available at this link : NPM Drone Imagery and GIS Tools


SM level 1 incident assessment kobo:

  • Bring their own android tablet (charged);
  • Bring a sim card with credit (internet connection for the tablet);
  • Download prior to the training the following (click on the links below):


A GIS tool that would help you to identify the areas and shelters affected by landslide and flood. use it to verify the list that have been already shared with you in order to confirm whether the families in the list are still in the affected area, or not. and if there are more families live in the affected area but not mentioned in the list, should be added to the list as well.

Please note that you need to prioritize the verification of the landslide list, then share it with your camp UNHCR field focal point as soon as it is verified. Relocation of the category will be a priority till the end of the month.


Key Features

* Search, explore and discover maps

* View information about your assets

* Search for places and features in your map

* Access maps in your organization or shared publicly

* Share maps with other Explorer users

* Sketch on the map to highlight important aspects of your data

* Tell stories and brief stakeholders via map presentations


How to use this app – Please follow the below steps:

Click on the map ( Flood & Landslide Areas) Before opening the map, please make sure to turn on location in your phone. If you are out of Camp areas then you will see the notification.


search here any map or location whatever you want To do markup Click on Red button and click on Label to make a name To add new label Click on + . Already made 2 labels (none, hi)


You can write your label name which is related to your location or address. You can choose any color what you want to use for markup map. Markup label name is given as demo and to delete any label click on top left delete button.


You can search any location where you now staying by click on search button. If you want to search by using any specific layer then you can mark check mark. Samples of Layers where some are selected and some are unchecked.


If you have any problem , please don’t hesitate to contact with me .


Arfan Hossain

Data Processing Assistant, PUI

Phone: 880-1824456670 (whatsap)