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Delete Auto run virus from your computer without any software

At first Go to Start Menu > All Program > Accessories> Notepad . Then write the following code and save as “arfan(any name).BAT”
‘cd c:
cd \
del c:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del c:\”autorun.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del c:\”desktop.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del c:\”new folder.exe”/ah/s/q/f
del d:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del d:\”desktop.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del d:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del d:\”new folder.exe”/ah/s/q/f
del e:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del e:\”desktop.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del e:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del e:\”new folder.exe”/ah/s/q/f
del f:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del f:\”desktop.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del f:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del f:\”new folder.exe”/ah/s/q/f
del g:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del g:\”desktop.ini”/ah/s/q/f
del g:\”autorun.inf”/ah/s/q/f
del g:\”new folder.exe”/ah/s/q/f
Explorer c:
msg %username% “Thumbs Remover – by CSE Of Pintu, Mob-7585006204′

Now Just Double click to run automation deleting autorun virus from your computer .

Watch this video tutorial

Download active windows ISO file free -9MB

100% working  Windows 8 iso file is now only at 9mb instead of having 4 GB.

This windows iSO  file is not fake totally it’s 100% real and working ISO file. This file was oringinally 4 GB + but this file is highly compressed to only 10 MB zip file. When you download this zip file then extract by ZIP or RAR software then you will see that it’s about 4GB.

Why do you download 10 mb iso file ?

Yes, it’s very necessary to all because it saves your money and time.  Downloading more than 1GB or 4GB file it’s really hard to do but it’s really easy to download only 10 MB file  that’s why we’ve compressed 4GB windows ISO file to only at 10MB file.   To download 4gb file normally it takes about 3 to 10 hours but in here you need only few seconds to download mini size 10MB iSO file. Most of the files on Internet are working for making bootable pendrive to install windows 7, 8 , 10 or xp . I can give you gurantee that this windows iso file is 100% working and you can also install windows by yourself because it does not have any file missing errors.

Okey now let’s get started to download it.

check the following steps to download it successfully.

  1. Download the highly Compressed file  Windows iSo File Xp/8 

First go link > Wait for 5 seconds > Click on SKIP

Now Click on Download Button

  1. After downloaded it successfully then Go for Extract .  If you don’t have any software to extract this you can download the software : RAR or  WINRAR .  Check the following image how to extract this ISO file ;-

  2. check the size when you’ve extracted the 10mb zip  file . Now this iso file is 3.5GB .. Really amazing  . To extract that mini file you have to wait for few minutes because it’s highly compressed so that’s why you have to wait for until completion . 

If you have any prolem to use it , please make comment below .  I will try my best to fix your problem.