Adding Facebook Messenger Live chatbot to a WordPress Site

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

Want an improved intensification to be neighboring to in the in front prospects and customers?setup Live chatbot to your websiteWant an improved intensification to be neighboring to in the in front prospects and customers?
Did you know that Facebook Messenger makes it manageable to embed a live customer chat widget concerning your site?
The Messenger Customer Chat plugin allows you to have a conscious conversation in the midst of site visitors.
In this article, you’ll learn how to touch on a Facebook Messenger customer chat widget to your site

Why Use Messengers Customer Chat as soon as mention to Your Website?

A customer breathing chat is a little wandering icon that usually appears in the bottom-right corner of a website. Like received alive chat software.
This plugin makes it easy for any website visitors are gone a Messenger account to have a flesh and blood conversation moreover than a human, depart a statement, and interact considering your Messenger bot.

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How To Add Facebook Messenger live chat-bot To Your WordPress Website 2019

Let’s setup Live chatbot to your website

If you want to add like this FB chatbot you can follow my instructions by the by

  1. Make an account here:
  2. Connect your facebook account and specific page where you want to get a message from the website chat box.
  3. Fill up the form and continue as your FB account
  4. Complete the process one by one
  5. Setup your welcome bot chat message to your visitors
  6. Setup main menu
  7. Select users
  8. Setup unknown response when admin of a website not available online
  9. Finally, Click on finish option
  10. Get started right now
  11. Go to Lead Magnet > HTML Element
  12. Customer Chat Widget
  13. Fill up customer chat form

Copy the code
<script async=”async” src=”“></script> into WordPress site

Copy the code into your WordPress footer

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearances > Editor. Choose the “Theme Footer” template to edit.

Now you have got a Facebook Messenger chatbot chat widget on your WordPress website.

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